The first Italian CRM for hotels
that improves the guest experience
and increases staff productivity

What is TopStay

it’s the key instrument to make unforgettable the experience in your hotel
that’s why

hotel CRM

Improves the Customer satisfaction 

with TopStay features that track, manage and analyze every guest’s request or complaint in order to improve the quality of your hotel services constantly.

hotel CRM

Simplifies and Optimizes Processes

of marketing, sales, guests’ relationship and property maintenance, through integration between TopStay and the other existing technologies.

hotel CRM
hotel CRM

Supports Guests’ retention

providing a tailor-made stay, thanks to Guest profiling: his interests and preferences about the room, the food & beverage, the beauty, etc.

hotel CRM

TopStay communicates with your PMS

using the latest software technologies that allow to continually update Guests’ data, their profiles, and information about their stays.



Fernando Pane
Resort Manager / Pellicano Hotels

At Pellicano Hotels we give our best in looking for details to customize how much better the stay of our guests. Daily the implementation of CRM enables us to analyse all the preferences of our guests deeply, to enhance their stay experience. Our staff, thanks to the user friendly CRM, is actively involved in sharing the preferences of our guests and this allows us to strive for excellence to which we aspire. In addition, the immediate access to the complaint allows us to tackle with determination the reports of our Guests who greatly appreciate our responsiveness, by now distinctive element of quality and service.

Michele Sambaldi
Vice Group Director & Business Controller / Pellicano Hotels

The introduction of CRM has enabled the Pellicano Hotels to operate on two specific strategic guidelines. The first one concerns the improvement of the service to the guest through the profiling: this makes possible a better understanding of the habits and then of all those processes aimed at anticipating the needs of who decide to stay in our hotels. The second one concerns the development of marketing and DEM activities that help the Sales&Marketing in improving sales and communication (targeted offers, newsletters, events, etc). The integration with PMS represents the added value of the project.

Tania Guidarini
Sales Executive / Pellicano Hotels

The introduction of the CRM system by e.RATIO was a real breakthrough It allowed us to develop a much more effective marketing plan and strategy. Thanks to simple and intuitive system of filters and the technical assistance of e.RATIO (always available even at a distance), the launch of communication campaigns and the creation of an ad hoc database are very easy and fun. The system can coordinate at any time the information of each individual department and, in our case, of the three locations too. I forgot .. Also the requests traceability, calendar, meetings and reports functions are very good.


TopStay is a unique tool to ensure the satisfaction of your guests


hotel CRM
  • Recognize the Guest when he arrives at the hotel
  • Profile the Guests during their stay
  • Manage Guest’s complaints and requests
  • Up-sell hotel services


hotel CRM
  • Perform customized marketing campaigns (by email or SMS) for Guest loyalty
  • Analyse Guest’s data and their experience in the hotel to improve the quality of service


hotel CRM
  • Manage relationships with present and future hotel partners (agencies, tour operators, suppliers, consultants, etc.) and generate new business opportunities with them
  • Schedule and monitor hotel staff’s activities
  • Manage the maintenance of the hotel



Guests and Stays

Recognizing the Guest personally, knowing his preferences, knowing when it was in hotel and about his experience, are fundamental activities to manage the improvement of his loyalty. On the Guest, this TopStay module enables:

  • Always to have his data through integration with the PMS
  • To know the general preferences and those ones related to the structure, the room, the F&B, etc.
  • To know his arrival and his departure
hotel CRM


Accounts – Contacts – Lead

The module provides functionality for the management of hotel’s Business Partner such as Agencies, Tour Operators, Suppliers, Customers and all others, including their contacts with their roles. Management of Leads (potential business partners with whom the hotel has an initial contact and will develop future relationships) is also integrated in TopStay.

hotel CRM


Prospect – Target Lists – Email Campaigns – SMS Campaigns

All marketing activities concentrated in a single module. With this TopStay module you can:

  • Manage lists of Prospect (potential hotel guests) to which do massive marketing actions
  • Define Target Lists of Guests or Business Partner accurately for ad hoc marketing campaigns.
  • Create and monitor email marketing campaigns, namely:
    • Plan the campaign
    • Send customized email
    • Know who has read the email and who has clicked on a link
    • Schedule follow-up actions
  • Manage SMS Campaings
  • Send single SMS
hotel CRM


Opportunities – Services

The Sales Automation is one of the key aspects of CRM systems and TopStay implements it with Sales module that allows to manage Opportunities such as banquets, weddings, conferences, exclusive use, etc. and to make cross selling for guests through ad hoc services (restaurants, sports and recreational activities, transfers, rentals, etc.).

hotel CRM


Complaints – Requests – Activities & Calendar

The control of the Guest experience is the main purpose of TopStay. Thanks to Microsoft Outlook plug-in, this module helps the hotel staff to:

  • Manage complaints, assign the resolution to competent operator and indicate the correct action
  • Capture the Guest requests to provide an immediate response
  • Schedule and log activities (Calls, Meetings, Tasks) towards a Guest, a Business Partner or between the staff, using a shared calendar tool
hotel CRM


Facilities maintenance is one of the key activities for hotel. Thanks to previous identification of the hotel locations (rooms, public areas, systems, etc.) TopStay allows managing of maintenance tickets, the assignment and historicizing of taken action. The functions of this module are also available from Mobile APP, easier to use by maintenance staff.

hotel CRM


All data managed by the previous modules are displayed and monitored through Report module, which is the main instrument used by management to supervise and make decisions. TopStay, in a transversal way, allow the user to show the following historical information:

  • Guest preferences
  • Results of Opportunities
  • Bestsellers Services
  • Case studies on Complaints or Requests
  • Most frequent maintenances
  • … and much more

The solution has already default Report, to which it is possible add more ones according to own management vision.

hotel CRM


TopStay is a web application that works in the cloud, so no need any technical prerequisite or additional costs, but only an internet connection!



Business Partner (Accounts) and their Contacts, Leads management

Prospects, Target Lists, Email Campaigns, SMS Campaigns, single SMS

Management of Opportunities and sold Services

Management of Guest’s Requests and Complaints, Scheduling of Activities and Calendar

Hotel Maintenance and Hotel Cadastre

Statistics about Guests’ preferences, Opportunities status, sold Services, managed Complaints, frequent Maintenance … and much more

Profiling and preference management – Data aggregation – Stays panel
PMS Integration

Data synchronization between TopStay and your PMS


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