Give value to experience
Of your Guests

TopStay®️ is the CRM software designed specifically for hotels, the tool that puts guests and their experiences at the center in your hotel.


The hotels that have chosen TopStay

The advantages for your hotel

Get to know your guest before he arrives

Offer booking services, guest self-profiling and online check-in

Guarantee a tailor-made stay

Identify the Guest and profile him, manage his complaints and special requests

Keep your guests loyal even after your stay

Manage personalized marketing and remarketing campaigns, measure the quality of the service through surveys, analyze the guests and their experience.

Optimize sales activities

Manage and monitor relationships with all Business Partners (Agencies, Tour Operators, Suppliers)

Main Features


Recognizing the Guest personally, knowing his preferences, knowing when it was in hotel and about his experience, are fundamental activities to manage the improvement of his loyalty. On the Guest, this TopStay module enables:

  • Always to have his data through integration with the PMS
  • To know the general preferences and those ones related to the structure, the room, the F&B, etc.
  • Know his behavior in structure


The main objective of TopStay is to monitor the experience of Guests. This module helps the hotel staff to:

  • Manage complaints (assign the resolution to an operator, indicate the action taken, historicize the event, …)
  • Register Guest Requests to provide an immediate response
  • Check and confirm the booked Services
  • Configure the post-stay surveys and verify the results


Thanks to TopStay Page the Guest has a privileged communication channel with the Hotel. Through an intuitive web interface he can:

  • Book the hotel Services before the arrival
  • Make the Check-in for himself and his fellow passengers
  • Self-profile by inserting own Preferences
  • Book another Stay
  • Advice a particular Request or a Complaint
  • Respond to a Survey on the experience in Hotel


Sales Automation is a key aspect of CRM systems. TopStay allows to:

  • Manage relationships with all Hotel Business Partners (Agencies, Tour Operators, Suppliers, Press, etc.)
  • Generate and monitor commercial Opportunities
  • Create and convert Lead
  • Schedule and organize Business activities


All marketing activities concentrated in a single module. With this TopStay module you can:

  • Manage lists of Prospect (potential hotel guests) to which do massive marketing actions
  • Define Target Lists of Guests or Business Partner accurately for ad hoc marketing campaigns.
  • Create and monitor email marketing campaigns, namely:
    • Plan the campaign
    • Send customized email
    • Know who has read the email and who has clicked on a link
    • Schedule follow-up actions


The application allows the management of hotel cluster data:

  • Centralizing the data of all guests in a single access point
  • Managing permissions on data access by structure or group of structures “


All data managed by the previous modules are displayed and monitored through Report module, which is the main instrument used by management to supervise and make decisions. TopStay, in a transversal way, allow the user to show the following historical information:

  • Guest preferences
  • Results of Opportunities
  • Bestsellers Services
  • Case studies on Complaints or Requests
  • Most frequent maintenances
  • … and much more

The solution has already default Report, to which it is possible add more ones according to own management vision.


Integrate TopStay with Mailchimp, and make the most of the potential of email marketing.

With the SuiteChimp module it is now possible to exploit the enormous potential of Mailchimp directly within the CRM, thanks to the bi-directional synchronization of the campaign data, the lists of leads and contacts and the reports generated by each individual sending.



Together is better!

TopStay integrates seamlessly with third-party software, hardware and other external systems.
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